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What a great "new beginning"
March 12, 2018, 5:18 PM

Brother Mike here.... well three Sunday's have past since my wife Debbie and I moved into the parsonage behind the church. What a blessing to be "back home". We had the privilege of serving at Lagoon Baptist Church from 2001-2005 as youth and music director. Well alot of water has flowed in and out of the Lagoon since then and we are blessed to be "home". 

On Sunday's we have been in the first 5 chapters of Joshua and I believe the Lord has had these sermons for me as well as the church.  The encouraging words of "Be Strong and Courageous" rings out to my wife and I as we lead these people from the past and into the "promised land" 

...... well more on that later

If you are ever down in the Gulf Shores area come worship with us!



12-18-2019 at 4:44 PM
David and Stephanie Phill
Thank you Pastor Mike for welcoming us to your congregation during our visit. Your Christmas message was point on and the concert by “Sofree” was icing on the cake. Thank you and the other members of the church for making our anniversary special.
12-11-2019 at 4:46 PM
Alana we currently just have a youth Sunday School Class. We are praying that God will rise up a generation of believers that are passionate about reaching out to the students in our community. Come join us and help us reach your generation!
11-24-2019 at 3:18 PM
Do you have a youth group?
06-05-2018 at 12:44 PM
Tim we are a small church that worships with a blended style of music. We are redeveloping a small choir that has been disbanded for a few years. We sing some of the older hymns as well as some of the new worship songs.
03-31-2018 at 7:03 PM
Are you contemporary do you have a strong worship team
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